Modern technology has made tremendous advancements in the segment of photography but still there are far too many people who like to have vintage photos of them. To have a vintage photo still remains as an evidence of elegance over technological enhancements. It is because of the fact that modern technology let’s you modify your photos after it is clicked which in turn has actually killed the candidness of the photos. Candidness is what makes pictures perfect, it is not the artificial lighting or high resolution cameras but it simply the candidness that marks the nature of a true photo. That is why even now people are still searching for vintage means to clock photos of themselves or their loved ones.

How to make a modern vintage photograph?

Now that you know why people still love vintage photos, it is also time that you know more about how to make modern day highly enhanced photos look vintage without much effort. One of the most easy ways is to have a black and white photograph clocked. Black and White still make photos look old. Another easy way is to pose infromt of old monuments and buildings; this way you will feel free to pose candidly and even get that vintage look effortlessly. Then there are color fading applications also available online which helps you to reduce the color levels of the photographs to make it look more old than it really is. So with the help of technology itself you can beat it.

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