Are you worried that your teen is spending too much time on their cell phones because of social media? Social media is one of the greatest reasons kids and teens are seen glued to their smartphones these days.

While using social media can be an incredible platform for exchanging information, making new friends, and seeking entertainment, its overexposure can also lead users to experience increased feelings of anxiety and depression. Many concerned parents are now looking for free spy apps for Android without target phone.

The purpose of using such apps is to find out what keeps your teen so much occupied on social media. Monitoring apps help parents keep track of their teens’ online activities and learn all about their social media interactions.

The constant use of social media can become a major issue for your teen, disrupting their studies, health, and mental wellbeing. This is why most experts suggest teens should not spend more than 2 or 3 hours on social media every day.

Before you can do something about your teen’s growing social media addiction, you must look for signs that help you identify they are addicted to these online platforms. If you suspect your teen is addicted to social media, you must ask yourself a few questions to find out how you can help them from this addiction. Let’s take a look at those questions.

Does Your Teen Check Social Media Accounts First Thing in the Morning?

The first sign to identify your teen is addicted to social media is seeing them check their accounts first thing in the morning. If your teen is strongly addicted to social media, they will be more likely to check their social media accounts on their smartphones as soon as they wake up in the morning.

If the addiction to social media is quite severe for your teen, there is a high chance that you will find them checking social media accounts even in the middle of the night.

Does Your Teen Share Everything on Social Media?

Another sign that indicates your teen is highly addicted to social media is they will have the urge to share everything on social media, regardless of the events in their life being small or big. They can’t seem to relax until they post all the details on their accounts.

For instance, if they have gone out for a holiday trip, a dinner, or a movie, they will put up the photos and videos on their accounts first before doing anything else. They get excited at the idea of posting updates about what they are doing at the moment.

While it is completely normal for teens to share a few important updates, parents should be worried if they find them posting consistently on their accounts even the most mundane events of their lives.

Is Your Teen Overlooking their Responsibilities?

If you find your teen focusing only on increasing their followers on Instagram, interacting with others on Twitter, sharing snaps about everything on Snapchat, or simply scrolling their Facebook newsfeed without paying attention to their responsibilities, then it means they are addicted to social media.

If they keep on neglecting other important aspects of their lives such as house chores, school homework, visiting their friends and playing with them, etc., they can witness a significant drop in their grades and lose out on their social life.

To understand your teen’s online activities better, you can consider performing a bypass Android lock screen hack to sneak into their cellphone and monitor their activity.

Does Your Teen Get Anxious When Not Using Social Media?

Most teens get upset when you take their cellphone away or decide to go on a vacation to a place where there is no WIFI or networking service. However, a teen who is strongly addicted to social media will display an extreme emotional reaction, such as crying, pleading, or begging when they cannot use social media for long.

Because they cannot stay away for too long from social media, they will more likely to resort to other methods to access their social media accounts. For instance, they may try to use the library’s internet service or visit an internet café where they can access their social media profiles.

Is Your Teen Being Bullied Online?

Bullying and social media addiction often go side by side. Several cyberbullying incidents on social media are reported every other day. Spending too much time on social media can end up your teen being bullied by someone.

Cyberbullying can have devastating effects on your teen’s mental and physiological wellbeing. If you do not take notice of their online interactions, you would never know that someone is trying to bully your teen on social media platforms. You can install free Android spy apps for texting on your teen’s phone to monitor all their online chats and discussions to see whether or not they are safe from cyberbullying.

How Can You Help Your Teen End Their Social Media Addiction?

Your first instinct as a parent to end your teen’s social media addiction would be to take away their cell phone or cut off their internet connection. However, teens are quite smart these days and they will find other ways to get their internet access back.

The best thing you can do to end your teen’s addiction to social media is to start a conversation with them about their social media usage and find more options for treating the addiction.

With better discussion and professional treatment, your teens can understand how much time they should ideally spend on social media and how adversely social media addiction can affect their overall mental and physical wellbeing.