Editing is part and parcel of photography. Professionals use editing tools to get the desired outcome of the pictures clicked by them. Basic editing is easy; however, if you wish to modify your picture from the scrap by keeping the subject of the picture intact, you need some specific editing software designed especially for editing pictures.

Functions of a photo editor

  • View and store: A photo editor provides you with the function of viewing a picture. It lets you see your photo and store it for future reference. This function helps the editor to edit the photo.
  • Editing: A photo editor is primarily used for editing images that need modification. A photo editor provides you the related tools like a filter, crop, color, textures, etc. The photo editor mac provides one of the best editing tools.
  • Copy & paste: Another function of a photo editor is that it provides the option of copy-pasting the adjustments of one picture to another.

Tools to edit the photo in a photo editor

  • Adjust: Adjust is a photo editing tool that can be used to adjust the color, brightness, sharpness, light, etc. of the photo. You get to experience various version of one photo. Select the setting that suits the subject of the picture.
  • Filters: There are various options in a filter. The filter is also used to edit the photo using the classic style of photography. You can edit the vibrancy and contrast of the image using the filter. It provides options like vivid, dramatic, black & white, silvertone, etc.
  • Crop: Crop is one of the most important editing tools. It is used to remove the unwanted parts from the photo or to change the composition of the picture. You just need to drag the rectangular selection box from its edges or corners.