Do you the love hourglass figure? Well, not everyone naturally has an hourglass body shape but it isn’t hard to achieve in today’s time. If you choose to wear the right clothes and shapewear, then you can definitely accomplish it.

What is an hourglass figure?

It is a figure with proportions where a narrow waist is in sync with broader bust and hips of similar measurements. In simple words, it is making your body resemble an hourglass. It is all about accentuating your figure in the right places. But if you don’t have this body type naturally, you can achieve it with the help of shapewear through additional shaping and support. Some of the tips to get a desirable figure, irrespective of your body type or size are given below:

Shrink your waistline

Skinny waist primarily defines an hourglass body type. Even if you have a slim waistline, you can do a lot to smooth and define it. If you want to create a sleek waistline, then nothing can work better than waist trainer wholesale here. They compress your waist and wipe out chances of muffin top and bulges. Just include a waist training regimen in your slimming session along with regular exercise and balanced diet.

Lift your bust

Another tip to get a desirable figure is to support and accentuate your bust. If you have good curves, then choose a shapewear that offers sufficient coverage and support. If you need volume then pick clothing which offers you that. 

Feelingirldress waist trainer does not just slim your waist but also offer a natural lift to your bust and makes them appear fuller. They tone your midsection, lift your bust and offer support to the back. 

 Lift your butt

Getting a full, perkier and smooth butt completes your hourglass figure. While some women already have it, others can achieve it. You can use the best butt lifting leggings to smooth and firm up your butt. It will not just enhance your natural curves but also bring your rear to a perfect shape. The leggings are a simple way to get a sexy figure and create volume and shape.  You can go for high-waist leggings to hide trouble areas of your lower abdomen.

Enhance your best features

After you have picked the right shapewear to get the best curves, you need to dress as per your body type to highlight your best features. 

Apple shape: Go for waist slimming shapewear for this body type. You have a less defined waist so wear pants to highlights your legs. Also wear belts to get a proportioned look.

Pear shape: This body type has a broader butt and narrow bust. Go for square necks, cowl necks and necklace to attract the attention upward. For bottom choose stretchy fabrics. Go for slim or straight bottoms which don’t cling to your hips.

Hourglass shape: As it is a well-proportioned body, you can wear bust enhancing dresses of peplum and V-neck. No matter what pant you wear, ensure that it shows off your narrow waist.