Remarkable Mothercare Discount Deals on Safety Car Seats

As a parent, one of your substantial tasks is to provide maximum safety to your child while riding in a car. Proper safety measures can protect the kids even if there is an accident. Checking car seats in an online market will make you confuse. You cannot take the right decision until and unless you know which type of car seat is perfect for your child’s age group and size. Get mothercare discount code to buy the most suitable car seat and ensure harmless drive to your home.

Why Car Seats are Essential?

Seat belts are designed for adults to control them in case of a crash. These cannot serve the babies or kids. It is necessary the shoulder belt should pass over the chin of the passenger, which is impossible if the passenger is a kid. They are unable to turn the knees in order to touch the floor. If a seatbelt is round the neck or abdomen of a kid, it can cause serious injury in a crash. Therefore, it is a law to provide right seat for kids according to their size and age.

Precautionary Measures

The function of car seats and seat belt is similar; however the installation and use of car seats may make some parents a bit frustrated. It is estimated by a worldwide research that almost three quarters kids’ protection seats are installed incorrectly. Either the seats are connected too loosely or not angled properly. Moreover, parents overlook the importance of strapping the babies tightly into the seat. In case of an accident, the loose straps permit the baby to get out of the seat.

Rear-Facing Toddlers & Newborn Car Seats

The infants and toddlers must have rear facing car seats until their height and weight cross the given limit of seat manufacturing companies. Usually, the convertible seats are designed for children up to two years. You are offered mothercare discount code to receive a seat of your choice at markdown.

Categories of Rear Facing Car Seats

Only Rear Facing Seats

  • As far as the Only Rear Facing seats are concerned, these can bear up weight ranging between 22 pounds to 35 pounds.
  • These seats have handles to carry and are small in size
  • These are used only for travelling purpose
  • You can leave the base in the car and the seat can be adjusted and taken out of the base when required.

Convertible Seats

  • These are initially used in rear facing mode and then change into forward facing when the weight and length of the child exceed from the given limit. These seats can support your babies for long duration.
  • As compared to only rear facing seats, these are bulkier and do not offer a separate base and a carrying handle.
  • These seats can carry up to 50 pound weight; therefore these can serve the toddlers as well.
  • There is a harness, fasten between the legs, hips and shoulders.
  • It is perfect for travel.

All in One Seat

All in one car seat performs as a booster for belt positioning, forward and rear facing. It carries up to fifty pound weight and an ideal safety seat for bigger babies. Mention mothercare discount code and choose the right seat for your new ones.