Small businesses in Corvallis often struggle with limited funds, and hiring an accounting team on the payroll is not always feasible and practical. The good news is you can choose to team up with a certified public accountant in an outsourced mode. There are many aspects of finding the right CPA in Corvallis, MT, and we have a few suggestions below.

Signs you need a CPA

  • You are tensed and unprepared for the tax season
  • You are planning expansions
  • Your small business is growing at a fast rate
  • You have financial issues within the company and need to find reasons
  • Your investors are pressuring for financial reports
  • You have already filed your taxes but there are issues
  • You are facing an IRS audit

Easy pointers to shortlist options

  1. Ask for recommendations: You can talk to fellow business owners to find references of accounting firms they have worked with. If you don’t have that, consider checking online listings of local CPAs in the city.
  2. Set the expectations right: It is possible to hire a CPA right before the tax season or you can hire someone to look into accounting from the start of the financial year. Get sure of what you want to outsource.
  3. Check the profile: Does the CPA work for small companies and startups in Corvallis? Who are their regular clients? Do they have experience in your industry? Ask these pertinent questions.
  4. Find out pricing: Many firms bill small companies by the hour, while others have a billing cycle and charge an annual or monthly fee. A lot depends on what they do for your business, but getting estimates is essential.
  5. Discuss involvement: Will the CPA work on demand? Can you contact them in emergencies and everyday accounting needs? You need someone qualified and available.
  6. Talk about financial advisory services: Many accountants double up and play a role as a financial advisor and specialize in other things like task management. If the firm can take care of your business profits and offer solutions for specific needs, that’s an advantage.
  7. Check reviews: You can always look at feedback and ratings posted by other local businesses in the city to know a CPA better. There is no harm in asking for references, but independent testimonials and reviews are handy.

Meet the prospective CPA and discuss how they can help your small business. It is never too late to seek help on accounting matters.