Indian Jewelry has been an inspiration to a lot of designers all over the world. One of the traditional Jewelry pieces that haven’t lost its glory is Thewa. It looks as an elegant Jewelry craft that is distinctive and unique art form. Wearing Thewa with pearls looks mesmerizing. Let us know more about this combination.

The place of origination of Thewa

Thewa, beautiful conventional jewelry design was invented several years ago by a recognized jeweler Nathulal Sonewal along with the support of his family. Earlier, the art of Thewa was practiced and manufactured in a place in Pratapgarh, a popular place in Rajasthan. Nowadays, this art is now mastered by many jewelers.

Nowadays you will find this popular art in the European Jewelry markets as well. The beauty and value of this art can easily be gauged from the fact, that Queen Elizabeth had thewa Jewelry pieces in her personal collection.

Different patterns of Thewa Jewelry

Traditional Thewa designs and patterns depict the heritage, tales and culture of romance and valor of Rajasthan. Some of the interesting themes of this Jewelry are historical court scenes, floral patterns, portrayals of queens, war scenes, and mythological characters like Krishna Leela.

In the modern times, designers are trying to give it a fashionable look by the introduction of geometric styles and patterns by enhancing its appearance with beads and various other trendy elements

Thewa Jewelry with pearls

Indian Jewelry has got inspired from several designers all over the world. It has constantly evolved and transformed several conventional Jewelry designs. One of the examples is pairing Hyderabadi pearl necklaces sets with Meenakari, Kundan, Polki, Thewa and Pachi art forms

Original pearls when combined with amazing Marwari Thewa pendants showcase lovely peacocks and elaborate floral patterns. Such exclusive sets, when combined with a chain with matching earrings, make it an ideal way to complement the Indian traditional dress


The collection of Thewa comprises of some remarkable statement Jewelry pieces. The conventional pearl Jewelry collection when worn with Thewa art presents an exclusive range of designs that gives a spectacular touch to the wearer.