Not only known to be one of the largest cities of Canada, Toronto is also known to be the most multicultural places to be in, across the globe. You get the beautiful vibe of celebrated diversity of the city’s neighborhood, along with some amazing food scenes. There sure are enough reasons as to why you must definitely visit Toronto. 

Toronto is located at Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore area, definitely one of the most welcoming and engaging city for the immigrants. Also, for those whowish to take a short break or vacation; must definitely come over to this terrific city. You get to see the CN Tower, which are 553.53 meters high, the highest of wine cellar and tons of exciting things to do here. Not to forget, Toronto is famous for the food list it has to offer. 

If you too wish to get a ride of the Toronto Food Tour then the options the city has to offer is endless. Food is a huge deal here. You could also call Toronto as being a perfect destination for the foodies. Now without wasting much time, let us run through the list of must have food which one has to try and cannot miss out on, when in Toronto. 

  1. Peameal bacon sandwich

There has to be a reason why it was asked by Anthony Bourdain to try it once in Toronto! This is one food item you should try and it’s available in the St. Lawrence Market. It looks simple and comes with griddled peameal and a bun, nothing more or less to describe it. But the smoky flavor it blesses you with, once you but that bacon is something, you would want to try again and again! 

  1. Khaosoi

You must have heard about how people rush to grab the addictive khaosoi. If you are in Toronto, make sure to grab your bowl of egg noodle along with your choice of amazing curry with tofu, chicken, prawn or whatever that suits your pallet. 

  1. Gran frittomisto

If you love fried snacks, then the gran frittomisto platter is just right for you. You get the right amount of golden fried cauliflower, zucchini and several veggies. Not to forget add in your choice of sea food too. Everything that you get in the platter comes piping hot out of the friggitrice. Try it and then you would run to grab more of it for sure!

  1. Kings Crown nachos

When in Toronto you cannot miss out on the mighty nachos, they are available in a flotilla of sizes and varieties. Many of them come oozing with fries and chips too. You get massive platters too, which you would love to share. The melted cheese on top of onions, guacamole, beef, chicken, peppers, jalapeños, frijoles and so much more.