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More often than not, the workload in our workspaces renders us tired and drained. After hours and hours of slogging at our desks, our minds and bodies scream for some rejuvenation and fun. However, most times we have nothing to do but scroll through our social media, or catch up on some mindless office gossip.

A much exciting way to de-stress at work is online rummy play. Rummy is a pretty simple card game, with a few basic rules. It is an effective way to distract our mind from all the stress at work while keeping us engaged in exciting ways. Read on to find out how the rummy card game is a superb way to relax at work.

How rummy helps to de-stress the mind at work

  • Serves as a much-needed break in the middle of a hectic schedule

Long hours of slogging at our desk jobs mean that our minds are always beaten down and tired. In such moments, it always helps to take a break and allow ourselves a refreshing change of moods. Playing the rummy card game can help us rejuvenate ourselves in the middle of frantic work hours. It channels our fatigue into a different kind of productivity – one which puts our cognitive abilities to the test. This too without us even realizing it.

  • Helps us overcome our mental block

Work schedules are crazily packed for most days of the week. Our minds are constantly racing with thoughts, calculations, deadlines, paperwork, and more. This often creates a mental block, rendering ourselves incapable of creative and innovative thoughts. Playing rummy online is an efficient way to overcome this mental block. The skills required to play rummy, actually make us mentally agile and flexible. We focus our minds on coming up with new strategies and tricks that can help us win the game. So, when we get back to work, we’re ready for another round of sincere hard work.

  • Exciting to win some extra cash

What can be better than the possibility of earning extra cash while taking a break from work!? Yes, playing cash rummy online means that we have the chance to win some cash and rewards. After we hone our rummy skills by practicing on the freeroll tournaments, we can always opt to try out the cash tournament. The competition here is comparatively less since few people want to pay a buy-in required to register in cash tournaments. However, this is a great way of earning money on the side. Even if we don’t win, we can win rewards and bonuses by referring the game to our friends and colleagues, and by leveling up through different tiers of the game. There’s not a more exciting way to de-stress ourselves at work, than this.


To summarize, playing the rummy card game at work is a quirky and productive way to get rid of our stress and mental block at work. The rules of the game are pretty simple, and once we improve our skills with experience, we even have the chance to earn some extra cash while relaxing at work.