Hiking is in fashion and the number of hiking enthusiasts is also increasing. Know what your body gains if you start walking more. Here are some of the reasons why we should walk more on foot.

  • Whenever one walks without becoming hungry, it produces a moderate appetite suppressant effect, which reduces excessive or inadequate food intake and the desire to snack between meals.
  • By mobilizing the abdominal muscles, intestinal activity is stimulated (promoting the regular elimination of organic waste and toxins through the feces) and also the mobilization of urine.
  • Walking also favors intestinal transit, preventing the accumulation of toxic or carcinogenic agents in this area.
  • Walking also facilitates the release of anti-stress hormones in the body, increasing resistance to nervous tension.
  • Taking regular walks reduces the amount of fat, especially in the abdominal region, which is not only more visible and unsightly but is, in itself, an indicator of cardiovascular risk, since, in this area, fat settles around the internal organs.
  • Walking further improves peripheral vision, due to the work the eyes experience as they move to understand their surroundings.
  • Lung activity and capacity, and with it, cellular oxygenation, vital for the body to have a higher level of energy, also increase with regular walking.

Is There A Cause/Effect Relationship Between Performance And Diet?

Yes. Today we know that diet has an impact on performance in several aspects. In energy production, in energy use (if we eat too much fat, we limit the use of carbohydrates) and in controlling blood glucose variations.

During Training, Should Breathing Be Done Through The Mouth Or The Nose?

Whichever is most comfortable. There are no rules

What Is Essential For Not Giving Up?

We just have to walk until we enjoy ourselves and rest is a decisive factor. It should be avoided, especially in the first practices, to do more than what we are prepared for. For starters, the motto to follow should be to start slowly and get enough rest.

And Before Walking, What Should You Eat?

Banana, like fruit in general, is a portion of excellent food, as is a low-fat liquid yogurt or a dark bread with low-fat ham.