Swamp cooler is another name for evaporative coolers and one of the best ways to keep cool. When it’s summer, and you notice your electricity bills skyrocketing due to the use of a traditional air conditioning unit, you should explore swamp coolers. Unlike air conditioners, a portable swamp cooler makes use of minimal energy to keep you warm. It operates through the natural evaporative method. Swamp coolers only need electricity to run the fan that disperses air into your home.

When you begin to use a portable swamp cooler, you’ll notice a significant drop in your electricity bill. These features are all great, but an essential part of using your swamp cooler is maintaining it. Proper maintenance ensures that your swamp cooler serves you for a long time. If you are curious about maintaining your portable swamp cooler, below is a portable cooling maintenance guide.

Consistently Prime Your Pads Beforehand

When you want to use your portable cooling pad, remember the cooling pad uses water to make the air cool. This feature means the cooling pads need time to absorb the water. Once the cooling pads are wet, the portable swamp cooler will wick water more easily from the tank. Sometimes, it can take 15 minutes or more for the cooling pads to become saturated with the water from the tank. Therefore, you need to give the pas some time to wick water before turning on the fan. When you do this, you can save energy and prevent blowing hot air into your room.

Shut the Cooler Down When Not In Use

When you’re not using your portable evaporative cooler, you need to prepare it for storage. To do this, you should turn it off and unplug it from the unit. Another step to take is turning off the water supply after draining it out. Ensure you also clean the water tank and filter, then let the interior dry before storing away. For the portable swamp cooler, pack up the cords and the swamp cooler in the original carton and keep them till subsequent use.

Clean The Water Tank Periodically

To ensure your portable swamp cooler is appropriately maintained, you should clean the water tank periodically. Change the water in the portable swamp cooler once a week. You can do this using the drain plug at the bottom of the unit. While changing the water in the water tank, use soap, cloth, and warm water. You can also use a vinegar and water solution to remove mineral deposits caused by hard water. Doing this will help you prevent rust and corrosion in the water tank while also ensuring the portable swamp cooler stays in optimum condition.