How to Choose a French Bulldog Puppy? Be it a commercial feed or natural food, make sure you are offering the best alternative for your puppy. Like all puppies, French Bulldogs need to be vaccinated and wormed. Vaccination starts with 45 days with the multipurpose vaccine, known as V10. Ideally, as soon as you acquire your Frenchie puppy, you should take him to the veterinarian for evaluation.

Price of a French Bulldog Puppy

The price of a Frenchie puppy can vary absurdly from one breeder to another. Some variables that make up the price of a puppy be it French Bulldog or another breed, are:

  • The costs that the breeder has to acquire and maintain the breeding stock;
  • The costs of all the care taken to produce a litter;
  • Costs with veterinarians and other professionals involved.

French bulldog: puppy prices tend to vary according to the breeder

Before you decide and go searching for names for French Bulldogs on Google, it is good to take into consideration how much attention you will need to give a puppy of this breed time must also be put on the scale.

Characteristics of Frenchie

Quite stubborn it is better that you are very firm with him, otherwise he will be able to take care of flying and do whatever he wants, he is usually quite territorial and somewhat possessive with his owner, especially if he is the only dog ​​in the house.

Socializing can be difficult due to this possessive temperament, for this reason it is very important that you encourage the coexistence of this puppy so that he gets used and can socialize with other dogs since he was a puppy.


Through this research that the Frenchie dog puppy is an extremely active and very playful, affectionate dog and also very attached to its owners, in addition to this it is a dog that does not like to be alone. The French bulldog has a health that requires certain care, especially walks in exaggeration, games too agitated and is very sensitive to heat and cannot stand high temperatures, so be aware he is a dog that requires care.

Another characteristic is his temperament, territorial and very possessive, the French bulldog needs to get used to other dogs from a very young age so that he grows up knowing how to live with other dogs, and otherwise he can develop problems with socialization.

And in addition to all this care, it is very important that you always have contact with a veterinarian you trust for any unforeseen events that may arise. We hope that you found in this content the information you were looking for about the French bulldog.