Millions of people worldwide play golf. There are so many great things about the sport. For those who do not golf, they wonder what entices millions of people to play. Truly it is a sport for everyone. You can even personalize your equipment with your selection of your favorite golf brand.

While there are different reasons for many, here are our five top favorite things about golf.

  1.   Exercise and Fresh Air

One of the best things about golf is being outside. Golf brings you closer to nature with greenery, trees, and fresh air. Spending more time outdoors provides many health benefits. Time outdoors results in better sleep and reduced anxiety. The more time you spend outside, the more you will benefit. Walking the course adds even more positives for you. Golfers who walk the course end up covering four to six miles.

2.Building Relationships

Golf is a great sport to make new friends. Many courses have leagues, so you can play against and with many different people. If you do not want to join a league, you can let the starter or the clubhouse know that you are golfing alone, but you are interested in joining others.

Playing with family, friends, and work colleagues is a great way to enhance and develop current relationships. Everyone who joins in the game will gain from the fun experience.

3.A Sense of Accomplishment

While you often play golf with others, it is an individual sport. It is you against the course and your own past games. Your hard work, practice, and patience weave together each time you play. When you hit those incredible shots, it feels great! That sense of accomplishment is worth it every time.


Golf lets you step away from the pressures of everyday life. You can leave your Smartphone in the car. Shift your focus from work and stress. Focus now on your long drives and putts. With each hole, your blood pressure will become slower. Your only task is getting the ball into the hole. After playing, you feel rejuvenated and can tackle your next task.

  1. Versatility

Golf is a game that can be played from when you are very young to not so young. It can be played by yourself or with others. Teams can play against other teams. You can play golf throughout the world. And there are so many different golf brands to choose from adding to the versatility of the game.