The moissanite mineral was discovered in 1893 from a material that appeared to be diamonds. In 1998, the jewelers considered it to have incredible visual properties that created the gemstone moissanite in the laboratory. This was produced in order to compete with diamond gemstones. The hardness of the man-made stones is 9.5 on a scale of 10. Diamonds are always preferred by women. But when it comes to style and shine moissanite wedding rings are getting a lot of popularity these days.

About moissanite rings

Moissanite is shiny, classic, elegant, and an affordable alternative to diamond rings. One cannot distinguish between diamond rings and moissanite wedding rings. Moissanite rings are supremely appealing and trending. These are more refractive as compared to the Diamond. It has a brilliance of sheer glam. Due to the luster, catchy appearance, durability, and moisture in it are expected to replace diamonds in bridal rings in the near future.

Heat resistant

Moissanite gemstones have a heat resistance capacity that makes it user-friendly. For those who want to own this beautiful piece of executing jewel, they can easily purchase it within a fixed budget. It is easily affordable and it costs less than a diamond ring. This piece of cosmic jewel is available at many online stores. Since it is cheaper than a diamond, the glam quotient of the ring makes it popular among people.

Similarity with diamonds

There is a lot of confusion about moissanite wedding rings. These rings are not inferior in quality and these are natural gemstones. It is similar to diamonds and in some ways even better. It refracts subtle shades of yellow and green. The crystals are cultivated in laboratory conditions. There are no natural flaws such as that one can find with diamonds. The hexagonal property of the moissanite gemstone has more brilliance and diamonds with the isometric structure.

The 4C

When you are going to buy a moissanite ring for the bride, you must check for its carat, cut, clarity and color just like in case of a diamond. Taking care of moissanite is similar to the diamond gemstone. You need to avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Just like a traditional diamond ring, moissanite rings provide a lifetime of sparkle and excitement.

Barkev's Moissanite Engagement Ring With Blue Sapphires MOI ...

Popular substitute to diamond

Moissanite rings are becoming more popular as a substitute for diamonds. It looks almost the same and has the same quality as the diamond rings, people prefer to buy moissanite rings. It is nearly impossible for anyone to differentiate between the moissanite ring and the original diamond ring. Due to high technology and development, there are different methods used to produce moissanite gemstone. The advanced development in the production technique and designs in the laboratory produces the gemstone to make any kind of design and style.

Pocket-friendly gemstone

Wearing moissanite wedding rings would give you a similar feeling as like diamond rings. Its identical look and appearance make it like a real diamond ring. Its affordable price makes it one of the best alternatives for a diamond ring. If you have a fixed budget you can choose to buy moissanite rings. Especially during a wedding, there are lots of costs involved. So the groom might want to purchase a wedding ring at an affordable rate. During times of economic uncertainty, it is very important to invest your money in things that are durable and resistant.

Current scenario

People prefer to buy this engagement and wedding rings rather than diamond rings because of its price and similarity to diamonds. This is a wise move considering the economic situation. These rings can be the perfect choice because they are more affordable and has the same look and quality of the diamond rings. Although it looks similar to diamonds, but the band is different.

Choosing the ring

Deciding to purchase a wedding ring is a big decision. A wedding is considered to be a big day in a couple’s life. They want to purchase the best in order to make sure that it is memorable. The ring should be good in quality as the woman is supposed to wear a wedding ring on a regular basis. The material moissanite can endure damages and regular wear and tear.

Get variability of styles

There are countless options for purchasing wedding rings nowadays. The variety of styles that are available provides ample opportunities for both the bride and groom to express the individual taste. Most of the couples also look for matching wedding bands in a way to honor their love and commitment to each other. Besides this, moissanite rings are available for men.

Gemstone with unique features

Jewelry is an important accessory that brings out the spark in any outfit. If one is willing to wear a wedding ring according to their own choice, they can easily purchase it online. The gemstone has intrinsic qualities and specific meanings which makes them unique in their own way. Each of the rings is unique in its own design and one can get the customized ring which is available.

The material

They can choose the material of the ring along with the size and shape of the gemstone. Moissanite rings are finely crafted gemstones that can be gifted to a beloved on the special day of their wedding. This unique gemstone is not only a good substitute to Diamond but it is a great gemstone on its own.

Beautiful moissanite ring

If you can purchase a beautiful moissanite wedding ring, nothing likes it. It is completely worth their money. You need to search for different online sites where you will get this wedding ring. They provide easy shipping and return policy. You can even contact them and clarify their doubt. Before purchasing the ring, you should have a good idea of the price of the ring.


Purchasing a wedding ring is a big decision, it requires a little bit of time and patience. There are many websites available online and various collections of wedding rings. You need to keep in mind the preference of a partner and choose the best possible ring within your budget.