As one of the big cities in Indonesia, Makassar has many charms that can attract everyone. So many people come to this city for work or even just a vacation. Not surprising, because Makassar does save millions of incredible natural wealth and beautiful places that deserve to be a tourist destination.

One of Makassar’s natural wealth is the beach. The most popular beach for both local and foreign tourists in this city is Losari Beach. This beach has succeeded in making people amazed and visited many times for vacation and enjoyed the weekend. The atmosphere is suitable to change a bad mood into a happy one.

This beautiful beach has become an icon of Makassar City for a long time. The natural scenery has proven to be very stunning. Various advantages are present to provide unique features to visitors. In the following, various sundries related to Losari Beach will be discussed, ranging from the attraction it has, access, ticket prices to supporting facilities.

The Attractions of Losari Beach

The attractions of Losari Beach are many, one of which is visitors can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon and sunrise in the morning. The best spot to enjoy the charm of sunrise and sunset in Makassar is indeed held by this beach. Many are fascinated and want to enjoy it with their loved ones.

In addition, there is also an interesting and unique mosque. Known as the Amirul Mukminin Mosque, the mosque has two domes and two minarets. Uniquely, this mosque was built floating on the beach and staked with sturdy materials. For worship, the Amirul Mukminin Mosque can accommodate approximately 400 worshippers.

Some rides can be used to have fun with the family here. Children will be happy because they can play happily around the beach. Parents can also enjoy some of the games provided. Surely, holidays will be more memorable and make everyone happier.

When night falls, Losari Beach will present a more beautiful view than during the day. The bright light from the lights installed around the platform makes the beach area look beautiful and exotic. In addition, the flickering lights will provide a romantic atmosphere for visitors.

On Losari Beach, some platforms function as public spaces for visitors. The pavilion was made according to the names of the tribes in Makassar, namely Makassar, Bugis, Mandar, and Toraja. In addition, a statue of a hero from South Sulawesi was also built, for example, Sultan Hasanuddin.

Although there is no stretch of sand, this beach area is vast. Tourists who bring children will be calm because children are free to play. On the beach, there are rocks that function as breakwaters and a barrier between land and sea.

Interesting Activities to Do at Losari Beach

  1. Play Water Rides

Losari Beach provides various water games to try, including water bikes, banana boats, and duck boats. Even though they can’t swim because of the bottomless sea, tourists can try various rides with their families, making the holiday more fun.

  1. Futsal

This beach is unique because it provides an outdoor futsal field. Futsal games will be more exciting because there is a light breeze that blows into the body. Therefore, sweat and heat while playing will disappear instantly. Besides it, there is also a beautiful sea to treat seriousness while playing.

  1. Fishing

On the beach, space is provided for fishing for visitors who like fishing. There are a lot of fish around the beach and they are quite large. In the rock-shaped section of the breakwater embankment, anglers will enjoy fishing activities.

  1. Jogging

In addition to traveling, visitors can also exercise in the Losari Beach area. The most popular sport is jogging. The spacious place allows visitors to jog freely. Calories will be burned, and the body will come back fit and strong. A healthy and fresh body will be felt after jogging with a beach view.

  1. Cycling

Nowadays, people are fond of cycling anywhere, including Losari Beach. Therefore, the area is very supportive of being used as a cycling area. However, keep in mind to maintain safety and not disturb other visitors.

  1. Photo Hunting

The various beauties presented on this beach make photography enthusiasts moved to take their cameras and capture every moment. Various photo techniques are honed to get the best shots. Various points of view are processed so the desire to hunt photos can be fulfilled.

  1. Culinary Dining

There are many food stalls scattered in the Losari Beach area with a variety of delicious culinary for tourists. Culinary that can be tried is the local cuisine of Makassar. Visitors can enjoy culinary delights around the beach with a cooling breeze.

  1. Learn Makassar Culture and Character History

Losari Beach Managers make various tribal platforms in the Makassar area. From here, visitors can add insight into what tribes are in Makassar. On the other hand, there are also statues of national figures and heroes that were built to commemorate his struggles. It has his name, year of birth, and death written on it.

Facilities Available at Losari Beach

The facilities available at Makassar’s flagship beach are numerous, including public toilets, food stalls, prayer rooms, a large parking area, information boards for visitors, and trash cans. On the other hand, there are also many photo spots to capture moments during your vacation at Losari Beach.

In addition, the manager also provides supporting facilities for playing water and sports facilities. All visitors to Losari Beach can also access internet networks.

Thus the various attractions, supporting facilities, and other important information from Losari Beach Makassar. Hopefully, it can provide a reference for tourists who are already planning to visit this favorite beach.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.