Roulette bet is applicable in both land and online casinos. These bets are classified under two main categories as “inside bets” and “outside bets”. To play this rule, you need to first understand the concept. This article discusses the right strategy to place a bet in roulette.

Choose the right location

Before you start to play the game, you need to occupy a comfortable seating place at the table. This is important because if the player reaches all the different areas of the betting layout, he or she will need to choose from the available seats at the table.

Go for the seats that lie at the middle of the front area of the roulette table and the last seat at the back, or adjacent to the dealer. These places give the best opportunities to players. In case, when there is a lot of gathering of people around the betting table, then it is advised to grab the first vacant seat you find.

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Choose the bet

Once you have got the right seat, you now understand the rule of the roulette game. The game begins by players choosing their bets and placing chips on their betting layout.

If a specific bet comprises more than a single chip, then the chips have to be arranged in the form of a single stack. If some players have placed chips on any number that you aim to bet, then there won’t be any issue to stack the chips above them.

Spin the ball

Now once the chips are properly stacked by the dealer, the player needs to take the ball and spin it. At the time of the spinning, players are permitted to continue to place their bets.

As the speed of the spinning of ball begins to decelerate, and only two or three more revolutions are remaining, the dealer instructs players that no more bets will be entertained at this stage. So, if any player makes any bet at this time, then it is not considered as a valid bet.

Any placement of bet placement done once the ball goes into a pocket is termed as” past posting”. It is not advised to do it frequently as it will then entice the attention of floor supervisors.

Once the ball makes its way into the pocket, the dealer then places a” win marker” on the betting layout at the winning number. This action clears off all unprofitable chips, while all players who won are paid. Once the winners receive their winning money, the marker is taken off and the bet is initiated for the next ball spin.


This information will be helpful to betters who are placing a bet in roulette for the first time. By understanding and mastering these simple steps, you can also confidently place a bet in roulette and make good profits.