The look of a basement or garage may be improved for a very low cost by painting the concrete floor. Additionally, with relatively little expertise and only a few tools, the typical homeowner can execute the job.

Things You Require To Paint The Floor

Concrete painting is a reasonably simple undertaking, even if it is typically more challenging than sheetrock painting. You will require a mask, eye protection, a pair of gloves, concrete primer, concrete paint, a paint brush, a paint tray, tri sodium phosphate (TSP), etching acid, hydraulic cement, mop, bucket, and scrub brush to finish the work. The neighborhood hardware or paint store likely has all of these supplies.

How To Begin Painting The Floor

Start by giving the floor’s surface a thorough cleaning, being careful to get rid of any grease or oil. This is a crucial stage in the planning process. Kitty litter can be used to remove more pronounced grease or oil stains. Blend the TSP cleaning solution adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the floor. Utilizing the TSP solution, thoroughly mop the floor. After cleaning the floor, give it a good rinse and let it air dry.

Before moving on to the next phase, patch any cracks or holes in the concrete using hydraulic cement and wait for it to dry. If hydraulic cement is not available, you can alternatively use caulk that is made specifically for concrete.

Applying Primer To The Floor

The time is right for applying floor primer (ทาสีรองพื้น, which is the term in Thai) after thoroughly cleaning the floor. Make sure the primer is fully blended by giving it a good stir. In your paint tray, pour a small amount of the primer. Cut in with your paintbrush all the way around the room’s perimeter and any other permanent items. Once the space has been divided, prime the floor in four-foot portions using the roller and paint tray.

Concrete paint can be applied after the primer has fully dried. Applying concrete floor paint requires the same procedures as applying primer. Depending on the kind of floor paint you chose, drying time may vary. When painting concrete floors, ensure to use at least two coats of high-quality paint, even if it seems like you don’t need the third coat.

Safeguard Yourself

For increased protection and longevity, apply a polyurethane coating to your concrete floor once you’ve finished painting it. Put on a mask while maintaining the area adequately aired since polyurethane coatings frequently produce fumes that are rather potent.