It’s hard to calculate the one standard estimate of modular kitchen.  However, it’s possible to get the best estimation, if you are aware of specific facts taken into consideration when designing a modular kitchen. The cost of designing a kitchen usually depends on its interior design. Check out this article by Beautiful Homes for inspiring kitchen designs.

The price relies on the grade or quality you choose; the typical grades, such as base, mid and high depend upon accessories, material, hardware and finish. The standard material can be of waterproof plywood, whereas premium options like teakwood is also available.

Below summary guide can help you to understand the price determinants.

Cost varies as per the square feet size of the kitchen  

Whether you want an L shaped kitchen, or closed or open modular kitchens, you need to understand that cost varies upon the unit. The square feet unit is usually calculated by measuring the width and multiplying it with height.

Parameters – kitchen grade

The kitchen grades are divided into base, mid and high sections. Below table can help you to understand the difference between all three.

Factors  Base Grade Mid Grade High Grade
Material Particle boards: HDF, MDF Playwood: BWR, Commercial Solid teakwood
Finish Paint, pre lam Laminates:

Hi Gloss, Matt

Venneers, hi gloss polishes, acrylic
Accessories Plate holders, cutlery, and other basic items Pullouts, and rest everything available under base grade Corner units, and all covered under mid grade
Hardware Basic (non-branded) drawer rails, hinges Branded Blum, Hettich materials Branded soft closure hardware

The most popular options for modular kitchen are made of mid grade types. The total cost is established by multiplying unit rate with area of the kitchen.

Price calculators

You have to choose the layout, materials, finish, accessories, and appliances to know how much you need to invest in for a modular kitchen.


Which type of modular kitchen design layout you prefer, depending on the given space: L shaped, straight, U shaped or parallel?


As given in the table above, Ply BWR is waterproof and highly durable, while HDF (high density fibreboard) is moisture resistance that has all the properties of plywood at a lower price. The last option is MDF (medium density fibreboard) is a highly composite engineered wood, known for its consistency and durability. You can also choose any countertop in the materials, such as quartz or granite.


It comes in laminate, membrane, and polymer variants. The first option is known for its elegance and also come in variegated and solid colour wood patterns. The membrane has world-class and seamless finish, while the polymer withholds scratch-resistant properties.


These come in three types: basic essentials (limited storage capacity), regalia (extra space to store your kitchen utensils), and luxe (exotic storage options).


These include the addition of any appliances, such as sink, chimney, hob, and built-in over or microwave.

Livspace offer great design options and transparency in pricing. The firm has introduced an easy and quick modular kitchen cost calculator method to estimate the cost of the kitchen. You need to choose the above options of your liking to get a rough estimate.