San Diego is the 7th best city for IT start-ups in the United States of America. So, if you are looking to start a business, you will have to consider registering a trademark. Meanwhile, a trademark is a logo, design, symbol, name, and tagline associated with a specific service, product, and business. In San Diego, filing for a California trademark costs around 70 dollars, and a national trademark costs about 300 dollars. As such, a California trademark will protect your business in California, including San Diego, whereas a national one will provide national protection. 

So, a trademark lawyer in San Diego, CA, will ensure and help you take the required steps to choose the right trademark and protect it. Hiring an attorney is a smart and essential move and will turn out to be beneficial for you. But do you know on what basis you must hire one?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Attorney?

It can be challenging to understand the procedure if you plan on registering the trademark on your own. In such scenarios, you need a trademark lawyer. Hence, you can read some benefits that will help you comprehend the importance of trademark attorneys:

  • Helps Save Time

Generally, the time taken for the process of trademark registration is about 8 to 12 months. And if you handle everything alone, it can take up to 12 months. So, you require a trademark lawyer to help you facilitate the process and ensure to attain your trademark within the 8th-month timeframe. 

The trademark attorneys negotiate with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) examiners to speed up the procedure for approval. That’s not all; they are well-informed about the process and the laws required for the approval. As a result, you can concentrate on your business and leave the trademark registration with the attorneys. 

  • Increase the Probability of Success

Hiring a trademark lawyer can be beneficial in increasing the probability of success. Meanwhile, it has been observed that trademark applications filed by attorneys are 50 percent more likely to be approved as compared to filing the application on your own. 

  • Attain Legal Advice

Trademark examiners like the USPTO can help you in the entire procedure but not provide you with any legal advice. After all, the law prohibits them from giving advice. As such, you might have to understand the whole process on your own, and it can be a challenging task. Moreover, you will have to comply with the rules and statutory needs of the USPTO. 

How to Choose a Trademark Attorney?

You require an excellent trademark lawyer to get your application filed as quickly as possible. And there are some factors to consider before hiring a trademark attorney. Continue reading to learn the factors. 

  • Good Track Record

It is a must to consider the track record of the trademark lawyer in San Diego, CA. After all, the best attorneys help facilitate the process with their skills and proficiency. And since not all trademarks are successfully registered, a track record of success from the attorneys is crucial. So, you can go to their websites or social media platforms to check their track record with their clients. 

  • Experienced and Licensed

You must choose an experienced and licensed attorney in trademark registrations and laws. Meanwhile, a trademark lawyer must have experience in desisting and cease letters, office action responses, filing trademark applications, trademark searches, renewals, trademark appeals, litigations, etc. They must be knowledgeable and offer strategic advice. Also, you must make sure they have studied at an accredited law school and completed the program. Besides, they must also be licensed.

  • Must Keep You Updated

They must ensure to keep you updated about the recent developments of your trademark registration application. You must also find out if the lawyers are willing to provide you with any updates on the application’s status.