The purchase of a new vintage car from another state or migrating to another country means you need to look for a reliable auto transport company. You will need to do some research on the local car shipping providers. The next step will be to narrow your list and send request for quotes. You can even call the shipping company directly and get an instant quote.

For example, on Ship A Car, Inc. website you can get quotes for Newark car shipping instantly. There is an online calculator, where you fill details like pickup & delivery location, car details, and shipment details to get an instant quote for free.

What factors affect car shipping quotes?

  • Car model, make, and year – Heavy and large trucks, cars, and SUVs will cost more than small sedans.
  • Location – Shipping to main cities is more affordable because they have easy freeway access, so many carriers are available. If you need a countryside shipment then opt for terminal to terminal services rather than door-to-door and save some money.
  • Distance – Long routes cost more but the cost per mile is low.
  • Transport type – For cross-country shipping open carriers are more popular and easily available. Enclosed carriers are extremely expensive than open types but a great option for high-end luxury or exotic cars. They protect your car from dirt and elements moving in the environment, while on the road.
  • Door-to-door versus terminal-to-terminal – Door-to-door means from your current residence to your new house. Direct shipping saves you energy and time but is expensive. You don’t need to meet the trucker at some predetermined location. In cities, every transport company has a terminus, which is used to drop and pick the load. You will need to drive your car to the terminus for a pickup and then wait at the destination terminus for the delivery.
  • Seasonality – In summer, auto shipping prices increase as many people migrate. Even in fall, the rates are high. So, ensure to book off-season, if possible, and save some cash.
  • Vehicle condition – If your car is not in a running condition, then there is an extra cost. The trucker will need special equipment to load and unload the inoperable car.
  • Time frame – Never wait long for booking your car shipment. Choose a date three to four weeks in advance to get the best deal. Even if get accommodated the carrier may not be the type you want. You will need to compromise on some aspects if you wait to book.
  • Emergency shipping – For speedy shipping, you will need to pay extra.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Deposits belong to the quote process but companies can easily scam innocent customers. Auto-shipping agents request upfront deposits and it is cut from the shipping total charges on delivery. It assures they are paid. Companies that ask for deposits are not scammers. You can read the reviews and even the BBB page can help.

Will the final price be similar to the one in the quotes?

Binding quotes means the company will not charge anymore. Non-binding quotes will differ because of aspects like real vehicle weight, weather, and carrier availability. Remember, the online quote generator is non-binding, so get quotes in writing.