Port Orange, FL, a thriving city within Volusia County, offers a robust commercial real estate market. With its strategic location near major highways and a growing population, Port Orange is an attractive destination for businesses. This article explores the various types of commercial real estate available in Port Orange, the factors affecting prices, and current market trends, providing valuable insights for businesses and investors.

Types of Commercial Real Estate in Port Orange

Office Spaces

Port Orange boasts a variety of office spaces catering to different business needs. These range from small, flexible offices for startups to larger corporate spaces. Popular locations for office spaces include Dunlawton Avenue and Taylor Road, known for their accessibility and high traffic. Businesses such as law firms, tech startups, and professional services often occupy these spaces, benefiting from the city’s business-friendly environment and excellent infrastructure.

Retail Properties

Retail properties in Port Orange are strategically located in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility and customer access. Key locations include South Ridgewood Avenue and various shopping centers along Dunlawton Avenue. Retail spaces cater to a variety of businesses, from boutiques and specialty stores to large retail chains. The presence of shopping malls and street retail options provides ample opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Industrial Sites

Industrial properties in Port Orange are essential for businesses involved in manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. These properties are typically located near major transportation routes, such as highways and railways, facilitating easy movement of goods. Examples of industrial sites include warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. The strategic location and infrastructure support make Port Orange an ideal spot for industrial activities.

Vacant Land

For businesses looking to build custom facilities, Port Orange offers several vacant land options. These lands are ideal for developing office complexes, retail centers, or industrial parks. Key areas with available vacant land include the outskirts of the city, offering ample space for large-scale developments. The future development potential of these lands makes them a valuable investment for businesses planning long-term operations.

Factors Affecting Commercial Real Estate Prices


Location is a critical factor influencing commercial real estate prices in Port Orange. Properties in prime locations, such as Dunlawton Avenue and South Ridgewood Avenue, command higher prices due to their accessibility and visibility. Proximity to major highways, commercial centers, and residential areas also contributes to the higher value of these properties.

Property Type

Different property types have varying price points. Office spaces generally have higher prices compared to retail or industrial properties due to their demand among professional services. Retail properties in high-traffic areas also command premium prices. Industrial properties, although typically more affordable, can vary in price based on their size and location.

Condition and Age of Property

Newer or well-maintained properties are priced higher due to their modern amenities and reduced need for renovations. Properties that have undergone recent upgrades or are part of newly developed areas tend to attract higher prices. The condition and age of the property significantly influence its market value.

Current Trends in Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Rise of Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments combining residential, retail, and office spaces are becoming increasingly popular in Port Orange. These developments provide convenience and a sense of community, catering to modern lifestyle preferences. They offer businesses the advantage of a built-in customer base from the residential components.

Demand for Flexible Office Spaces

The rise of remote and hybrid work models has increased the demand for flexible office spaces. Businesses are looking for office solutions that can adapt to changing needs, such as coworking spaces and short-term leases. This trend reflects a broader shift in how businesses operate and the preferences of modern workers.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Work with Local Real Estate Agents

Local real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of the Port Orange market and can provide valuable insights. Working with experienced agents helps businesses navigate the market, identify the best locations, and negotiate favorable terms.

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