Bitcoin betting is all the rage because since BTC is a decentralized type of digital currency, public authorities like the government can’t block a BTC wallet from gambling. People who wish to become pro players in online casinos are attracted to such an idea.

By the way, bitcoin roulette   is just roulette with bitcoin or BTC bets. It’s also among the most visited BTC games or just online gambling games out there—online slots are a-plenty in a quite frankly oversaturated market while BTC roulette is new and exciting in 2022.

What Can You Get Out of Bitcoin Roulette

  • Fun and Excitement: The whole point of Bitcoin Roulette is like the whole point of gambling. Instead of just playing videogames or online browser games for bragging rights or scores, you can actually have real stakes in the game. Put your money where your mouth is!
  • A Way to Get More BTC: Just like how we’d never claim gambling in casinos as a moneymaking endeavor but rather a way to gamble with disposable income or money you’re willing to lose if you’re already rich, we’d also never claim Bitcoin Roulette as a way of “mining” more BTC.
  • Not a Moneymaking Scheme Though: Although technically you can get BTC without mining it by getting the BTC of others into your wallet by playing BTC Roulette, don’t play your BTC unless you’re prepared to lose it. Gambling should be done with disposable income.
  • Videogames versus Gambling Games: Roulette bets for BTC might not compare to Call of Duty or Street Fighter V in terms of graphics or even player base. However, gambling games are also a contest that could be low stakes or high stakes depending on how much you bet.


  • A Gaming Platform: You need to choose a casino with a well-known platform if you wish to make an account there in order to play Bitcoin Roulette. The link also takes you directly to Bitcoin Roulette to play with your wallet or an account, but you can choose a “safer” platform to play the same game if you wish.
  • What to Expect of Bitcoin Portals: Betting games with BTC have actually grown through the years, especially during the Pandemic Era where every place was locked down, particularly the brick-and-mortar casinos of Las Vegas. You can play this game on mobile or using your PC via browser.
  • A Mobile Version of a Casino: Although it’s more for presentation, you can browse though your favorite online or virtual casino with its menus and high-end graphics yet potentially end up playing Bitcoin Roulette regardless. It’s still just roulette though.
  • The Videogame Version of Roulette: The browser, mobile app, or videogame version of roulette—like the game version of Wheel of Fortune—is just a betting game to win actual crypto cash. The spinning of wheels and balls are all just virtual eye candy for the RNG.
  • How to Win at Playing BTC Roulette: Regardless of the developer of your version of BTC Roulette (the one on the link above is one of the best and most popular though), you’ll still play a guessing game using a RNG (Random Number Generator) that’s flawed because the more a result happens on it the less likely it will appear in the future.