Some clients who search for architect firm Denver are always interested in knowing who would lead the team handling their project. The debate about architects or civil engineers leading a project team may never end, but before we make a decision here, let’s check out the roles of each of the professionals:

  1. Architect: An architect is trained to conceive and create designs for buildings of every type. Architects possess skills such as design, technical drawing, communication, creativity, computer soft skills, etc., as this aids them in their job. In the strict sense, an architect is limited to providing the design of a project in clear terms so that the team can construct the building exactly as the plan dictates.
  2. Civil engineer:A civil engineer is an engineering focus on the implementation of designs and the construction of physical structures from start to finish. Civil engineers also engage in maintenance, repairs, and remodeling works. While civil engineers may develop and offer a general idea of a design that they want, it is an architect’s job to bring out the full details.

Similarities between architects and civil engineers

  1. Both professions require a strong background in mathematics, a developed, calculative, and sharp mind.
  2. They must have leadership and management skills as they play crucial roles in a construction team.

Differences between architects and civil engineers

At an architect firm Denver, the following is easily noted:

  1. Architects work more in pre-construction processes, while the civil engineers are mostly involved physically in the construction and post-construction phases.
  2. Architects focus majorly on buildings and their designs. Civil engineers are more concerned with public works such as bridges, roads, airports, etc.
  3. Architects may have workers under them, but civil engineers are responsible for coordinating the various professionals and skilled workers on the team to make a successful project. They are responsible for the daily activities of electrical and mechanical engineers, horticulturists, landscape designers, architects, and even coordinating with the administrative officers.
  4. Architects are only responsible for designs; civil engineers have to perform various analyses to ascertain the viability of the plan and further create a process flow for implementing it.

Now, both of these professions are important for a construction project, but a civil engineer is best equipped to lead such a team. At architect firm Denver, architects may also lead a team if they have civil engineers to support them.