Solo travel has been an unstoppable trend in the travel industry and it is just growing and going just about anywhere. What’s not there to like about it after all? When you go on solo travel, you can just go wherever you want and whenever you want to; it’s is also a great way to feel the moment, have some time alone for yourself and meet people who usa national parks can influence your life in the way that you never even expected. If you’re thinking of traveling alone in your next travel, consider New Zealand as your top options to do it so. 

New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit for solo travelers. With its natural beauty that is carved in the deep fjords, cascading waterfalls, untamed wilds, and clear beaches, there is nothing really like going and living in one of the safest country in the world. As one of the top destinations for tourists all over the world, many major airlines offer direct flights to New Zealand. When traveling in this country as solo traveler you can make use of a flight tracker like flightstatus24 to check and monitor the flight status of your flight online. 

We know for sure that you have your own reasons for traveling alone in New Zealand, but while here at this beautiful country, try to do these 7 relaxing things you can do on a vacation alone in New Zealand.


  •  Bathe into one of natural spas in NZ. New Zealand is a country that is blessed with a lot of hot pools and geothermal spas. With its location where two tectonic plates meet, it causes a lot of geothermal activities allowing warm water to bubble up and form hot pools. These pools contain minerals that locals believed to help medical problems. Soaking in natural hot pools that is surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes is a great way to relax and enjoy your vacation. Some locations of the best hot springs and spas in New Zealand include in Rotorua with its famous Hells Gate, and Polynesian Spa; Lake Taupo; South Island – Hanmer Springs; Coromandel; Great Barrier Island; and Te Aroha.
  • Visit vineyards, and wineries in NZ. World renowned for its viticulture, New Zealand’s wine producing regions are incredibly unique. If you are a traveler who loves food and great wine, then New Zealand may probably be one of your top destinations for your wine tasting. One of the best wineries in the country can be found in Hawke’s Bay in North Island that has been often called the Wine Country. Include wine tasting experience on your travel in New Zealand, and find time on relaxing on your travel while sipping a fresh wine on your dinner or while having lunch in front of NZ’s most popular vineyards. 


    1. Do some kayaking in the North Island. Kayaking is a fun and great experience when on a travel. It’s very relaxing and laid-back, and you can do it while doing some sightseeing. It is a great way to enjoy spectacular scenery while in all by yourself, seeing wildlife up close. Some of the best kayaking places in NZ include Auckland; Cathedral Cove, Coromandel; Abel Tasman National Park; The Bay of Islands; and Marlborough Sounds.


  • Bicycling. New Zealand is a country that is rich in breathtaking sceneries and attractions, and one of the relaxing ways to experience its beauty is through cycling. There are plenty of bike rental providers that surround each of the Great Rides, and it won’t matter if you are a beginner or not. Some of the most popular trails dubbed as The Great Rides include Tasman’s Great Taste Trail; Hawke’s Bay Trail; Te Ara Ahi; Great Lake Trail; Mountains to Sea; Queen Charlotte Track; The Old Ghost Road, among others. 
  • Wildlife watching. New Zealand’s isolation allows its unique flora and fauna to evolve away from the rest of the world. Wildlife watching is another great way to relax and be awed with the wonders of the world. When in NZ, do not let your visit ends without doing some wildlife activities and having close encounters with some of the world’s most fascinating bird species and marine wildlife. Some of the incredible wildlife experiences you can witness and do in NZ include dolphins swimming, seal swimming, whale watching, kiwi and penguin spotting, filming a Kea, and visiting a wildlife sanctuary. 
  • Go waterfalls and lakes hopping.  New Zealand is mostly known for its spectacular beauty, and its greatest assets are its rich natural beauty with pristine beaches, and lakes, and waterfalls, beautiful countryside, mountains, and national parks. When you go visit NZ’s majestic natural terrain, there is always a lake and a gorgeous waterfalls that you can check nearby. Chasing these waterfalls and lakes is one of the best things you can ever do to find relaxation in the country. Some of the best lakes and waterfalls you can visit and check out in New Zealand include Lake Taupo; Bridal Veil “Waireinga” Falls; Whangarei Falls; Huka Falls; and Lake Waikaremoana.
  • Have some fun in the ocean. Another great thing about New Zealand is its pristine and beautiful beaches. With some that are perfect for surfing and others with their picturesque rock formations, you will surely be spoiled for the sandy beaches that New Zealand has. Walking on the beach, watching the tide rise and the waves reach the shore, witnessing the sun set and the skies turn to red is a wonderful experience one could ever dreamed of when visiting possibly every place in the world, and you can do all that in New Zealand. Some of the stunning beaches you can visit in New Zealand include Cathedral Cove; Ninety Mile Beach; Mission Bay; Torrent Bay; Bathing Beach, among others.